Back when it was teased that an SNK character would join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many fans rightfully assumed it would be Fatal Fury and King of Fighters protagonist Terry Bogard joining the fight. Still, there were some who were hoping Mai Shiranui, the sexy female ninja from the same fighting franchises, would make an appearance. When it was clear she would not, though, some very dedicated fans decided to take action into their own hands and put Mai into the game themselves, with mixed results.

During a Nintendo Direct last week, director Masahiro Sakurai announced that Mai wouldn't be appearing in Smash, explaining that, "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is for good boys and girls of many different ages," implying that Mai is too scantily clad to be in Nintendo's family-friendly fighter. To be fair, her very revealing outfit is the main reason she's become such a fan favorite, as well as the subject of lots of fan art. She has also made appearances in several other gaming franchises known for their suggestive fanservice, such as the Queen's Gate gamebooks and the fifth and sixth Dead or Alive games.

Fans were still upset by Sakurai's decision, though, leading to many jokes at his expense, including how Bayonetta was allowed to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate despite being just as sexualized a character, if not more so.

Like so many other third-party characters fans want to see in Smash, Mai Shiranui now has some Mii Fighters named and modeled after her. That isn't enough for some players, though, probably because the Mii Fighters just aren't as provocative as Mai, so those players have decided to build custom stages that look like Mai.

The results of these Mai stages are mixed. Some of them are very well made and look good, with Twitter user Crystalonaona's stage probably being the best one so far. Others are just... strange. And nearly all of these stages have players jumping and fighting on Mai's generous "proportions."

This isn't the first time Smash players have used creative ways to get characters into the games. There are plenty of Mii Fighters online based on Geno, Goku and Sans (before he got an official Mii fighter skin), as well as mods for previous titles in the franchise that add these and a slew of other ridiculous characters. And despite how great some of Ultimate's vanilla stages are, there are many well-made custom stages that bring in other gaming franchises to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including Tetris and Minecraft, as well as some less than impressive attempts to recreate Poke Floats.

Source: Crystalonaona/Twitter