Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to break record after record as it cements itself as one of the most influential fighting games of all time. This time, however, the record broken was not financially or critically oriented. Justice "Ember" Jackson, a Pichu main who only started playing Smash competitively three years ago, began a stream on November 8th with the sole purpose of beating the world record for the most hours playing a fighting game consecutively. The record was previously held by Canada's Daniel Bergman with 57 hours.

The rules of the challenge were simple but no less difficult. Jackson could not remain stagnant on screen for longer than 20 seconds at a time, and for each hour of play he would gain ten minutes of "rest time." This rest time would stack with every hour played so it was up to him how to use this time, either resting for short bursts or saving up a lot of time at once to maybe catch an hour of sleep. Since the Guinness committee has to send a representative out to monitor that these records are properly accounted for, the restrictions can be quite difficult, even for the most hardcore players.

Jackson spent one-third of the massive marathon playing online, then finished the rest at his locals, the Game On Gaming Center in Virginia Beach. Jackson said he applied to attempt to break the record in April, and was approved in September and Game On was kind enough to host the event. To make the event even more engaging, Jackson decided to donate all the proceeds from his stream to the Chesapeake Chapter of the NAACP. Doing these types of big events for charity is pretty standard, even major publishers get involved in charity for large streams or events.

While Jackson only had to break 57 hours, he was able to go even longer than that bringing his final total up to 65 whopping hours, for almost three entire days of smashing. Ensuring that his record would be safe for quite some time. The previous record lasted just over three years, being set in August of 2016, so it is safe to say that Jackson's place on the throne will be secure for quite a long while. Because, as it is plain to see, breaking a Guinness World Record is not easy and being successful in doing so is an accomplishment few are able to achieve.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Dexerto