Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its revolving door of DLC characters is often the subject of several rumors and leaks, with the latest claiming to know who will be joining the roster next. This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaker gives the identity of 4 characters: the one with that will round off the current list of DLC characters and then 3 scheduled for release after that.

Before moving forward, it's worth mentioning that this is an unverifiable leak and should be treated as such with a massive grain of salt. This leak claims that Crash Bandicoot will be the final character on the current pass, with his accompanying stage being based on the beach of Wumpa Island. The 4th DLC character, Terry Bogard, releases in November, meaning that it won't be too long of a wait to see if at least this stands true or if this whole leak is bogus.

The first fighter set to join after the current set of Smash Ultimate DLC is Kirby's Bandana Waddle Dee. While this may seem like a strange choice, Kirby fans have been clamoring for this character for some time now. He is said to come with a SSBU stage based off of Kirby Clash's Dream Kingdom, as well as 3 remixes and 4 ported music tracks. Bandana Waddle Dee will also have 10 spirits: Adelein & Ribbon, Dark Meta Knight, Taranza, Haltmann, Zero, Hyness, some form of Void, Drawcia, Sailor Dee, and Morpho Knight.

super smash bros. ultimate next dlc character tease

The last two Smash Ultimate fighters, according to this leak, are Ubisoft's Rayman and Professor E.Gadd from Luigi's Mansion. Not much is planned for either character yet, but Rayman will supposedly have Nymphs on his Spirit Board and E.Gadd will bring music and spirits from the upcoming Luigi's Mansion 3.

Whether this proves to be true or not remains to be seen, but fan reactions would probably be sky high if so. Most of these characters would be welcome by most Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players, but of course, there are many also hoping an Overwatch characters joins the Smash Ultimate roster.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit