With Terry Bogard's arrival to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, only one more fighter remains to be announced for the first Fighters Pass. While there has been plenty of speculation for who might be the newest fighter to join the series, a new rumor might have a definitive look at who the final addition might be.

According to twitter user @New_WabiSabi, a journalist for Spiel Times and Nintendo Soup, multiple anonymous imgs have confirmed who the new fighter will allegedly be. To the surprise of quite a few in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community, it would seem that the sword and gun wielding Dante from Devil May Cry might be the newest fighter to join the massive roster.

Dante on his own wouldn't be too far removed from other characters that have been joining Smash Bros. franchise since Super Smash Bros. for Wii U started pulling in characters like Bayonetta and Ryu. In fact, Ryu and Dante both come from Capcom, making it very likely that whatever deal Nintendo has to use Capcom's character may extend in the future to include a broad selection of characters to choose from. As for Dante's signature weapons, plenty of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters use swords and guns, so he would fit in as far as his arsenal goes as well.

This is still an unverified leak at the time of this writing, and not all rumors pan out to be as truthful as fans would hope, like when Gordon Freeman was "leaked" earlier this month. However, the original poster of this specific rumor does claim that there are three separate imgs that have backed up this claim, although no official or primary imgs have come forward as of yet. For now, there is only room to speculate on the possibility of Dante entering the ring alongside the other Fighters Pass fighters.

If Dante does wind up arriving to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he would also have nearly infinite possibilities for his moveset, giving him potential to take a spot as a high tier fighter, like other new characters have. Super Smash has always tried to keep as true to the img material as possible when introducing fighters to the series, and Dante's arsenal over five games gives him plenty of weapons to choose from. While it's likely that his signature sword and guns will be his main weapons, some fan favorites like the Ifrit Gauntlets from Devil May Cry, or the Cerberus Nunchaku from Devil May Cry 3, might make an appearance for certain special attacks.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch

Source: Twitter