Pokemon Sword and Shield may have just released earlier this month, but Pokemon derived from that game are already making their way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, at least in some form. Nintendo has recently begun a new Spirit Boards Event that will end on November 27 adding a grand total of 7 Pokemon to the game in the form of 4 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pokemon spirits.

The first spirit is Zacian and Zamazenta, the mascot legendary for Sword and Shield, respectively. They are a four-star Primary Spirit with a Sword Attack Up trait, meaning many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players may find these legendaries hard to resist. The second spirit is all three starters - Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble - rolled into one Primary Spirit as a three-star assistant.

Up next is the new Flying/Steel-type Pokemon, Corviknight, which is listed as a two-star Primary Spirit that increases Air Defense. Corviknight is followed by Morpeko, the new Pikachu-like dual-type Electric/Dark Pokemon, who is a one-start Support Spirit that increases move speed. All in all, these new Spirits seem like solid character additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, many fans will see this as a double-edged sword. Whereas it is nice to see gen 8 Pokemon grace the crossover fighting game, seeing them added as Spirits likely means that there won't be a full fledged Gen 8 fighter for some time. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as Incineroar represents Gen 6 for the game, Greninja represents Gen 7 for the game, and so it seems like an inevitably that gen 8 will eventually have a fighter. If going for a Fire/Water/Grass balance, that could mean that it is Rillaboom.

Regardless, that is still some time off, and many more fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may be more concerned with the next DLC character on the Fighter Pass. The latest rumor on the situation has rather big implications, as it suggests that a Half-Life character is coming to Smash Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


Source: Siliconera