Based on the original Super Mario 64, mod-maker Kaze Emanuar has now released a whole modded game called Super Mario 64 Land. In a tribute to the classic Nintendo game, this new release includes new levels, new music, new bosses, and even new suits.

Most modded games add some better graphics to updated systems, like the remake of the classic GoldenEye 64 in the Unreal Engine. However, with this mod, it harkens back to the original 64-bit design, making it less of a strain on computers everywhere.

Super Mario 64 was by far a groundbreaking game for Nintendo, being one of the first games to add a 3D perspective on a console game. It's hard for some to imagine a world without intensely realistic graphics, but for most gamers in the 90s Super Mario 64 led the way for superstar N64 classic hits like GoldenEye 64 and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

Nearly 23 years after this, famous Nintendo modder Kaze Emanuar has created yet another rendition of the game. In the trailer below, Kaze has added 75 new music tracks, 8 new bosses, and 32 new levels for fans to enjoy. The extra special bonus appears to be a new Yellow Cat Suit that appears to give players the ability to climb up walls for a short period of time.

The one catch with this game is that it's a mod. For the seasoned mod player, this will be a piece of cake, but for those less acquainted with the realm will need a few things first before playing the game.

Super Mario 64 Land requires already having a ROM of the Super Mario 64 so that it can patch and run via an N64 emulator. ROMs of most Nintendo 64 games can be easily found throughout the internet, unlike the physical copies of the original games which can fetch a hefty price.

As this game is a mod, it also runs the risk of being shut down by Nintendo itself. Nintendo is notorious for keeping its properties under close watch, and rarely allows their properties to be copied or modded.

In fact, Kaze Emanuar has already been entrenched in battles with Nintendo before because he hacked Super Mario 64 and created a multiplayer mod. However, his videos that were flagged by the gaming giant were taken down because of the music. It seems that Kaze has now found a way around that little hiccup by adding new tracks and allowing players to enjoy the same game he's been working on for years.

Super Mario 64 Land is out now on modded N64 emulators and can be played until further notice.

Source: SlashGear