After it was revealed at this year's EVO that Street Fighter 5 would be receiving three extra characters, it very much seemed like one last push before Capcom would retire the title, which wouldn't be surprising given that it's been three years since its initial release and fans are hungry for a sequel. But this is, in fact, not the case, as it has now been confirmed that more characters are on the way, and we won't have long to wait to find out who they are.

During the Brazil Game Show this week, executive producer Yoshinori Ono took to the stage to discuss the Intel Open World Tournament - an esports competition planned to be held in Tokyo next year and will be featuring Rocket League and Street Fighter 5. However, he also added that fans can expect to see more characters and content for the fighting title be announced over the next couple of months.

"... We’re going to have new information to present to you in regards to [Street Fighter 5] at the Capcom Cup North American Finals in November, and at Capcom Cup in December, so if you could please just stay patient until then."

The Capcom Cup North American Finals are set to take place on November 16th -17th, while Capcom Cup is scheduled to run from December 13th - 15th. We can most likely expect at least one or two new characters to be shown off at these events, and possibly even made available immediately after their announcements, since that's what Capcom did when it revealed the last batch of characters at EVO. Though Capcom is no doubt hoping that they won't be leaked early this time.

As for who these characters could be, there are still plenty of fan-favorites from the series that could make an appearance. Considering Street Fighter 5's story mode is meant to lead into the plot of the Street Fighter 3 series, it might make sense to include more characters from those games, like British boxer Dudley or big bad Gill, who made a cameo appearance in SF 5's story right at the very end. However, Capcom clearly isn't afraid to introduce brand new characters so it's equally likely we'll see some unfamiliar faces.

Ono also mentioned "content" as well, but it's unclear what he could be referring to. It's most likely going to be new stages or costumes, though considering the game has a number of outfits that reference other Capcom titles, these might still be received warmly. Or maybe there will be some brand new, unexpected mode? At this point, we can only guess.

Street Fighter 5 is available right now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: VG247