In the world of Twitch and streaming, creators tend to escalate things order to gain money. Whether it’s unintended mistakes, manufactured drama, or stunts that push the boundaries of safety, some streamers gain a lot of attention for putting themselves at risk. Now one streamer has taken things to a new level.

Streamer TheSushiDragon recently hosted a livestream where he allowed users to shock him with donations. TheSushiDragon constructed a device that would respond to donations and send pulses of electricity through his body.

While at first, it might seem like TheSushiDragon is allowing his viewers to electrocute him, he’s actually not in any danger. Using TENS units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), the streamer is only feeling a prickling sensation. It might be uncomfortable, but his body is not in any harm. In fact, many people using TENS units to relive muscle pain.

Even so, the idea of letting viewers donate to cause discomfort falls within Twitch’s Terms of Service restrictions against self harm. TheSushiDragon’s channel has not been banned but the stream featuring the shocking is gone.

streamer electrocute

It’s worth mentioning that other streamers have used similar setups and seemingly checked with Twitch admins ahead of time. There is a grey area involved with what is okay since TheSushiDragon is not technically in any danger. Still, his reactions give the impression that he is pain, which might be why Twitch decided to take the stream archive down (assuming that TheSushiDragon) didn’t.

Many streamers have faced punishment for less, especially when it comes to perceived self harm. Allowing viewers to donate in exchange for consuming alcohol, for example, is against Twitch’s TOS and has resulted in temporary bans for some channels. Others have been able to get away with similar donation incentives, though, but that’s more of an issue with Twitch’s rule enforcement.

This is just the latest in an escalating series of creations for TheSushiDragon, who is known for imaginative stream setups. Using a series of consoles and devices setup around his room and strapped to his body, the streamer can create unique transitions and experiences unlike anything seen on Twitch.

Although Twitch is still focused on gaming and its most popular directories are related to gaming – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a top game right now – there are content creators pushing the boundaries in some unique and crazy ways. As long as someone doesn’t put themselves in real harm, then it seems to be okay with Twitch.