A man has died after live streaming himself climbing Mount Fuji. The man, identified as TEDZU, was climbing Mt. Fuji during the off season, when it is particularly treacherous. The man's death was captured on the live stream, which caught the moment where he fell down the mountain.

In the stream (translation posted by Reddit user SnuggleLobster), TEDZU complains about his cold fingers. "But I have to operate my smartphone. I should have brought a hot pack." TEDZU also comments on how the Mt. Fuji climb is getting slippery and dangerous. TEDZU remarks on how the route he's trying to follow is covered in snow, and so it is hard for him to tell if he is "on the right track." The last thing TEDZU can be heard saying on the stream before falling is him shouting, "I'm slipping!"

Authorities began searching for the man's body after people watching the stream called in about it. The body was discovered at an altitude of around 9,800 feet.

Click here to watch the stream, but be warned that it contains disturbing content.

While live streaming services like Twitch focus mainly on gaming, others have used live streaming to stream their lives. These IRL streams sometimes capture terrible tragedies like this and other questionable content. Unfortunately, the Mt. Fuji climber is far from the only person to have died while streaming or on a livestream.

Streamers are sometimes the victims of tragedies in their streams, and in other cases, they are perpetuating them. There have been multiple instances in the past year alone where someone live streamed themselves committing a mass shooting. This happened during the recent German synagogue mass shooting, as well as the New Zealand mosque shootings where the shooter infamously told his viewers to "subscribe to PewDiePie" before killing 51 people.

It remains to be seen how live streaming services will try to prevent these kinds of things. Right now, the only way they police content is by relying on viewers to report the content. However, this hasn't stopped things like the New Zealand Mosque shooting stream from showing people getting killed in real time, or people from streaming their own accidental deaths, like is the case here.