Something strange is going on with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Today a new livestream was launched for Pokemon Sword and Shield, showing what it says is "Live footage from the Galar Region!" The livestream is apparently planned to last 24 hours and will be offering looks at Pokemon from the new region. It will even be debuting some brand new Pokemon. The Pokemon Sword and Shield stream has been running for several hours now, which means there's a whole lot left to watch.

The "camera" in the livestream is set in a single position, said to be with the Galar region's Glimwood Tangle location. It shows a loot at an open grassy area surrounded by giant mushrooms, trees, and shrubbery. For the most part, this is all stream viewers will see. It's a static background with an animation of floating dust in front of the screen. If viewers are lucky, however, they may look at  the stream at a perfect moment and see a Pokemon hidden in the background's foliage.

Several Pokemon have already been spotted on the livestream. Most were previously confirmed Pokemon for the Galar region, but at least one old Pokemon that had yet to be confirmed has made an appearance. While no entirely new Pokemon have shown up, there have been glimpses of a Pokemon largely hidden from view that may have been new. The stream is definitely maintaining the illusion of an actual wilderness camera by making Pokemon appearances so rare.

Here are the Pokemon that have been sighted so far: Pikachu, Morelull (newly confirmed), Phantump (newly confirmed), Impidimp, and Cottonee. There have also been two glimpses of Pokemon that aren't immediately recognizable. First, a tail was shown and second, a part of a Pokemon hidden behind the foliage. These two, or perhaps it's just a single Pokemon, will hopefully make a more obvious appearance later in the steam.

Altogether, it's not clear what to make of the Pokemon Sword and Shield livestream. It seems like it could be a fun thing, letting viewers see Pokemon in their natural habitat while also teasing new content for the upcoming games. In practice, however, it's exceedingly uneventful so far. There are virtually no Pokemon to see, and when they do show up they're gone within a few seconds. It's certainly authentic to a real wildlife camera, but that doesn't necessarily mean it makes for quality viewing or great marketing. Fans will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.