While plenty of gamers pick up titles the day they first become available, many others prefer to wait for games to be sold at a discount. One of the biggest sale events for PC gamers is the annual Steam sales, which usually offer significant discounts on a large variety of games.

While the Steam sales are usually looked forward to by most PC gamers who use the platform, the dates are typically kept a secret until they're nearly ready to launch. Due to leaks, however, it now appears that dates of three upcoming Steam sales have been revealed ahead of time.

According to Steam Database, the leaks have been coming from multiple game developers, despite Steam wanting to keep the dates under wraps. The alleged dates that gamers can expect to pick up games at a major discount are as follows:

  • Halloween Steam Sale: October 28th to November 1st
  • Autumn Steam Sale: November 26th to December 3rd
  • Winter Steam Sale: December 19th to January 2nd

These dates primarily line up with what gamers have seen in past years. Halloween and autumn's sales are allegedly starting a tad later than they usually do, but winter's appears to be arriving around the same time as usual.

steam sale dates leak 2019

It's worth noting that these dates have yet to be confirmed by Steam, so gamers should still take them with a grain of salt. Steam Database leaked the Summer 2019 Steam sale accurately earlier this year, which lends credence to the dates. However, even if the dates are legitimate, Steam could change them at any time based on its own discretion. Even so, they should at the very least serve as a good estimate as to when players can expect the sales to start.

While Steam sales are generally embraced by gamers, it's certainly not the only PC gaming platform out there anymore. Players will likely be able to find similar discounts at Origin and Epic Games during the holiday shopping season, at the very least. This is likely one contributing factor to why Steam's revenue has diminished.

Steam does have one significant advantage over its competitors at this time. Steam recently announced a feature allowing local multiplayer games to be played online with friends. These titles may see a considerable number of purchases from players on Steam who intend to play these games online once the feature officially launches for all players.

Source: Twitter