Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is only a couple short weeks away from launch, so naturally EA has released a new trailer leading up to that the game's arrival on November 15th. This new trailer showcases quite a bit from the latest Star Wars title, including snippets of the story centered around Cal Kestis as well as a nice view at Fallen Order's intense combat system.

This isn't our first look at how Fallen Order will approach combat, with its lightsaber mechanics being reportedly inspired by Dark Souls with an emphasis on deliberate attacks, dodges, and parries as opposed to the more hack-and-slash style of previous Star Wars titles like Force Unleashed. In the past, Respawn has even talked in-depth about how lightsabers will feel powerful across difficulties.

From the trailer, the combat looks like it flows from challenging swordplay into cinematic finishers, not unlike the deathblows found in Sekiro. However, that seems to be where the Souls-like comparisons disappear, as the mechanics of Cal's force abilities and his lightsaber begin to set Fallen Order apart their own twists, allowing the player to control the flow of combat by pushing and pulling crowds of enemies. The lightsaber itself will be the player's main form of defense, deflecting blaster fire and Sith employed lightsabers to keep Cal on his feet through onslaughts of both ranged and close-quarters combat, allowing skilled player to race through the entire game on no-hit runs, among other impressive feats.

Fallen Order will be Respawn's first console title outside of the shooter genre, as well as EA's latest major Star Wars title since Battlefront 2, meaning that the new game's success could be pivotal for the future of the franchise. However, with some of EA's best titles under its belt, like Titanfall and Apex Legends, Respawn is likely the best chance to deliver on the series, and early previews are siding with the game, claiming Fallen Order is EA's biggest winner to date. Depending on the success of Fallen Order, this could mean a bright future for both companies as Respawn continues to branch out and deliver new experiences, and EA proves that the Star Wars license is in good hands.

It would be easy to claim that the future of Star Wars hangs on Fallen Order, but as long as any of the games within the series continue to sell, EA is likely to continue pumping out more. That does make news about Fallen Order all the more exciting though. Considering how much care Respawn seems to have put into the game, the future is looking bright for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launches on November 15 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.