The release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was sure to have a bunch of Star Wars flavored Easter Eggs. With a multimedia franchise of massive popularity, the developers had plenty to pull from to make nods to other games and movies in the Star Wars universe, and Respawn did not disappoint. For those just getting started, these pro tips for Jedi: Fallen Order will be a big help.

However, some of these Easter Eggs are way more hidden than others. The 'Execute Order 66' Easter Egg in Fallen Order was probably missed by most players, but it's easy, if a bit time consuming, to pull off.

In Fallen Order, there's a sequence early on where Cal is following someone in a train. After a while, Cal will run into a door he can't open. Most players will try the door a few times, realize the door was locked, and turn around to continue the sequence. However, if a player is particularly adamant about getting through the locked door, they'll come across an Easter Egg. Examining the door 66 times will have a sound clip play of 'Execute Order 66'.

What is Order 66? In the Star Wars universe, Order 66 (or Clone Protocol 66) is a secret order to label all Jedi as traitors and have them executed. Palpatine was the executor of the order, which began the The Purge where many Jedi were killed. Given when Fallen Order was placed in the Star Wars timeline, the order would have been carried out about five years before the game's start. It's a neat callback to one of the movies as well as somewhat relevant, timeline-wise.

Hiding an Easter Egg behind trying to open what's obviously a closed door is very weird, but not all Easter Eggs are meant to be found easily. One Fallen Order Easter Egg is easy to find, with just the requirement of listening in on a conversation with some Stormtroopers. But with more hidden nods to the series like this 'Execute Order 66' Easter Egg, fans will have their hands full looking through every nook and cranny and trying all sorts of weird combinations for a chance at a reference.

Hopefully, though, the players that are exploring for hidden secrets or references won't end up stuck in an area of Dathomir in Fallen Order. Sometimes curiosity can lead to problems!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.