WWE 2K20 has been immediately met with a negative reception, and the hashtag #FixWWE2K20 has been trending since the release day of the game. This is hardly surprising when the recorded glitches, that have been uploaded online, are seen. Simply put, the game doesn't work sometimes. Fortunately for PlayStation players, Sony is offering to refund the game because of its incomplete state.

WWE 2K20 is another in a long line of wrestling games, with the franchise having been relatively consistent in its annual output, bar the 2015 edition. Delivering personalization and a variety of game modes, the franchise has maintained an audience, but fans of the series have been shocked by the unfinished nature of the latest installment.

The refund from Sony comes in the wake of some shocking footage and claims, where many consider WWE 2K20 to be the worst iteration of the franchise. Luckily, gamers who are unhappy with the game can contact Sony by phone or through its online store and claim a refund. All players have to do is explain that the game doesn't fundamentally work. This should be no surprise to Sony, as the company is likely inundated with refund requests, but it should be noted that some users have had issues with claiming their refund.


There had been changes behind the scenes, prior to this installment. Creative director of 2K20, Lynell Jinks, has discussed why they parted way with Yuke's, and many will wonder if the developer's absence caused the issues in the game. Either way, fans are unimpressed, and many are commenting on the posts of WWE 2K20 asking for patches.

PC and Xbox players are still waiting for news on whether they can claim a refund because of the state of the game. Refund or not, many will be disappointed not to have a working wrestling game. Some players have made light of the situation by uploading hilarious WWE 2K20 glitch videos, but this still doesn't reflect a positive opinion of the game. The developer will likely take steps to correct these issues, but fans of the franchise can only hope that it is soon.

WWE 2K20 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Wrestling INC