Sonic has quite a history and while it has featured some incredible highs it also includes some disasters. Some may remember Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1993 and the accident that occurred with a giant inflatable Sonic. For those who do not, high winds took a giant inflatable Sonic of course and into a lamp post which resulted in two injured people. The footage of this accident had never surfaced until now, over 25 years after the accident.

Sonic the Hedgehog was at the height of his fame in 1993, on the back of a number of successful games the SEGA mascot was inescapable. Both Sonic and Sonic 2 were hugely successful games because of their fast gameplay and impressive graphics. Although this accident didn't damage Sonic's gaming reputation too much, and Sonic has continued to have very successful games, it was certainly shocking at the time.

The clip below is the first footage of Sonic's fateful collision with a lampost to be widely available and many will want to see the truth behind the rumors. The two people who were hurt, a child and an off-duty police officer were "slightly injured." The film of the accident was spotted in ABC7NY's archive footage and it finally reveals more than the pictures of a giant deflated Sonic the Hedgehog. The incident takes place at 1:38 in the video.

There is plenty about Sonic that is often forgotten or kept secret. However, this is one of the largest incidents that involved the character. After the accident, Sonic continued with future games which were acclaimed until the SEGA consoles found troubles of their own. With a new Sonic movie coming out next year, Sonic's profile may be raised again, and there may be more floats. Yet, the movie has attracted some negative attention.

The latest issue with Sonic was his look in the new film. The redesign of Sonic for the new film seems to have settled the controversy and although it is unlikely that the character will ever be as famous as they were in the 90s, this new film could now boost the franchise.

Source: Kotaku