So far, 2019 has been a mixed bag for Sega's blue blur. The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise managed to reach a few highs this year with the fun arcade racer Team Sonic Racing and the release of the Sega Genesis Mini, but most fans will remember the controversy that arrived following the first official look at the upcoming live action movie that also stars Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik aka Eggman. While that was certainly a low point for the franchise, things may have gotten even worse thanks to a Sonic mask that will likely give kids and adults nightmares.

With Halloween only a few weeks away, costumes and masks have obviously become very popular. Amazon is currently selling a Sonic the Hedgehog mask for an adult that looks to be based on the former movie version of the character. In addition to textured blue latex fur, the humanoid looking Sonic mask features the smaller green eyes, a shortened snout, and a grin that will burn itself into the memory for most people that bear witness to it.

Oddly enough, the item's description also lists this full head Sonic mask as being great for Halloween, Christmas, Carnivals, animal parties, dressing up, and role play. It also claims this item is a necessary outfit suit for those who want to cosplay the movie which has since been delayed into 2020. For those who may be interested in dressing up like the outdated movie Sonic for a family holiday like Christmas, the mask is selling for $49.00, though it does come with a 10% off coupon.

halloween sonic mask

While this mask is unlikely to become a hot collector's item, it's soon going to be a relic of an older version of Sonic the Hedgehog. The backlash from the initial movie trailer was so strong that the film's director, Jeff Fowler, pushed the movie back three months into 2020 to completely redesign the look of the character. Progress seems to have been made however as producer Tim Miller, who also heads up the design and effects studio Blur Studios, recently confirmed that the redesign should please fans. With the movie now scheduled for a February 2020 release, fans will likely get a look at the new Sonic sooner than later.

The Sonic the Hedgehog film releases February 14, 2020.

Source: Amazon