Death Stranding is a unique game, with such a heavy emphasis on social features that director Hideo Kojima thinks he's made a new genre. This genre is defined by its social strand system, wherein actions taken by players in one game can impact the world of another Death Stranding player. The Death Stranding social strand system seems to have been well-received by fans, with some dedicating a significant amount of time to it.

While games like Dark Souls allow players to screw each other with its social features, Death Stranding focuses on cooperation and helping each other out. To that end, if a player builds a structure in Death Stranding like a generator, that generator will appear in other players' worlds for them to use. Players can vote for structures that they like the most with "likes," which in turn help out the person who created the structure in the first place.

It's a system that encourages positivity, which is admittedly lacking in many online games. It's pretty admirable then that some Death Stranding players have decided to ignore the main story for now to improve the game world for others, building as many structures as they can, contributing to roads, and leaving behind helpful items like ladders and climbing ropes.

While Death Stranding reviews have been mixed, most of the reviews seem to have a positive opinion on the social strand system. Considering this, it will be interesting to see if it's implemented in other video games moving forward.

Somewhere we most likely will see the social strand system is in a potential Death Stranding sequel. Hideo Kojima has already talked about the need to make Death Stranding sequels to really establish the social strand system genre. How Kojima will improve on the system remains to be seen, and fans shouldn't expect any details about a Death Stranding sequel or Kojima's next project for quite some time.

The next thing on Kojima Productions' plate may be the rumored Death Stranding DLC, and maybe we'll hear about a sequel sometime after that. Then again, Kojima Productions has also expressed interest in producing feature films instead, so who knows what Kojima will make next.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4, with a PC release to follow in the summer of 2020.