Black Friday is an exciting day of the year for bargain hunters, but the event has been criticized for creating a real danger for holiday shoppers. There have been reports over the years of people being injured on Black Friday, and while this latest incident didn't see anyone get hurt, it still resulted in gunshots being fired at Target by five people who were allegedly stealing video games from the store.

The Target store at The Hub shopping center in Fremont, California saw five teenagers, aged 17 to 19, steal video games during the Black Friday event. Five individuals were involved, with the incident starting after they were confronted by security guards for trying to steal the video games. A getaway car drove up, at which point one of the suspects fired "multiple rounds" into the air, allowing them to get in the car and escape.

However, it didn't take long for Fremont police to locate and arrest the suspects. Police collected shell casings related to the shooting, and they were also able to locate the weapon and the stolen video games.

It's unclear which video games the suspects tried to steal or how many. It's also unclear if any of the video games that the suspects tried to steal were a part of the Target Black Friday ad, or if they were games that weren't discounted.

Video games are a relatively expensive form of entertainment, and as a result, they are often targeted by shoplifters. There are many retail stores, including places like Target and Walmart, that keep their newer video games behind glass cases or in special boxes to try to ward off shoplifting. However, sometimes people still manage leave the stores with stolen merchandise, though they are usually caught. For example, there was a recent incident where a man attempted to steal video games from Walmart, only for another customer to stop him by pushing him into a Redbox machine and tackling him to the ground.

Video game theft will likely continue to be an issue moving forward, unfortunately. Hopefully people can stay safe on Black Friday this year and more situations like this are avoided.

Source: Fox - KTVU