Following Sony’s recent announcement that the PlayStation 5 will hit stores before the Holiday season in 2020, it seems some developers are finally ready to talk about what we can come to expect when getting our hands on the next generation of hardware. One such studio is Bluepoint Games, developer of the universally acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus remake, who dropped a little more information on its long-teased next project which we now know will be a next-generation title.

Within a detailed post about the PlayStation 5, Bluepoint’s president Marco Thrush revealed to Wired a bit more about his next project, claiming that the studio is “working on a big one right now," before closing out his statement with, “I’ll let you figure out the rest." It’s definitely an interesting tease for the studio’s next project, and one that’s likely to lead to a great deal of fan speculation about what this big mystery remake might be.

As it stands, many fans firmly believe Bluepoint’s newest title will be the long-awaited remaster of Demon Souls, the iconic precursor to the Dark Souls series developed by FromSoftware. The cult classic has been rumored to be receiving a remake for a while now, with Sacred Symbols’ podcast host Colin Moriarty hinting that the game was on its way just over a week ago. It’s a title that holds a fixture in the hearts of many, and with the rampant success of Dark Souls, one that its fans would love to see return with a modern touch up. Other guesses have varied from a remake of the classic Metal Gear Solid games to The Legend of Dragoon.

demon's souls remaster ps4

Whatever Bluepoint’s new game turns out to be, the PlayStation 5 would surely be able to handle an impressive reimagining following the next generation upgrades it will feature. Thrush commented on the Solid State Drive in particular, stating, “it has me really excited. You don’t need to do gameplay hacks anymore to artificially slow players down — lock them behind doors, anything like that.” He goes on to state, “back in the cartridge days, games used to load instantly; we’re kind of going back to what consoles used to be.” Thrush is, of course, referring to the new loading power of the PlayStation 5, which will supposedly make games more seamless than ever before.

Alongside the Solid State Drive, the console will also launch with brand new controllers that look to heighten immersion. Sony has stated it will integrate state of the art reactive controller’s triggers, while also implementing a new vibration system. It will surely make for an innovative new way to play games when the console launches late next year.

Bluepoint's Next Project is in development for the PlayStation 5.

Source: Wired