Saturday Night Live has released a sketch poking fun at the eSports scenespecifically using League of Legends to highlight how strange the events are from an outsider's perspective. The League of Legends sketch is actually pretty funny, and worth a watch for those looking to have a laugh at the eSport industry's expense.

The sketch features Chance The Rapper as Lazlo Holmes, a Knick's correspondent filling in for Jake Sussman - the usual reporter that is currently out to take the PSAT. Chance plays a basketball reporter standing in for an e-Sports reporter exceptionally well, with only one major goof about halfway through the sketch. Having enough knowledge about the game to understand what's going on may soil the sketch a tad, but it's still funny to see the back and forth between Chance's character and the other two reporters in the sketch. Rappers have dabbled with eSports before, with Soulja Boy attempting to start his own eSports franchise.

This isn't the first time Saturday Night Live has poked fun at the games industry, and it likely won't be the last. Just last year an SNL sketch made fun of squads in Fortnite with Adam Driver as a special guest. The sketches can come off as cheesy some times, but it's still fun to see them broken down for audiences removed from the gaming scene, even if it is at the gaming audience's expense.

It is kind of interesting that SNL went with League of Legends instead of Hearthstone, which would've been a much easier target considering all the controversy Hearthstone has been embroiled in lately. It may have come across as something of a "lowest hanging fruit" situation, but there are plenty of avenues it could've gone.

Still, it's a good sketch.  It may not be one of the best SNL sketches of all time, but it is enjoyable. Chance's character would actually be a really good recurring cameo, even if it isn't always for eSports. Chance was only a special guest, but it's always possible he could return in the future. He's was one of the better guests that the show has had in some time, and it would be great to see him come back in the future.