WWE 2K20 is due out in little over a week, but the game has already caught some flak from fans and even some professional wrestlers. Fans have taken issue with things like The Rock's character model in the game, but professional wrestler Sasha Banks has taken aim at another aspect of the game - her superstar power rating, which she apparently feels is too low given her accolades and standing in the company.

Sasha Banks is easily one of the top wrestlers in the WWE, having held numerous Women's Championships over the course of her career. Banks is never far from the main event scene, so her 80 overall rating does seem to be a little low. Banks reacted to her WWE 2K20 power rating on Twitter, saying, "80?!? That's why I said no to your stupid commercial." When it comes to WWE and Twitter, it's sometimes hard to tell if someone is just in character or not, but either way, Banks' tweet is still throwing shade at WWE 2K20.

Banks is no stranger to stirring the pot on Twitter. A couple of weeks ago, she sarcastically hyped the match between herself and Alexa Bliss that was set to take place on Monday Night Raw, which drew the attention of Seth Rollins. Rollins mocked Banks for her post, upset a lot of fans, and then temporarily deleted his Twitter account.

As to what commercial Banks is referring to in her tweet, it seems likely that she is referencing the WWE 2K20 trailer with the old-school male wrestlers like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and Sting. That trailer showed the men standing around talking about how impressed they are with the current batch of women athletes in WWE, with the camera specifically showing Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Banks has done some promotional work for WWE 2K20, however. There was a Women's Evolution 2K Showcase trailer that Banks appeared in, though that trailer was not well-received by fans. At the time, fans mocked the trailer for not including any substantial gameplay footage, as it seemed as though 2K Sports was keeping the WWE 2K20 gameplay secret for some reason.

At any rate, we've know seen WWE 2K20 gameplay in action, and and have even learned the full roster of wrestlers. There's not much else to reveal ahead of the game's October 22 launch, and WWE fans are no doubt excited to actually get their hands on WWE 2K20 next week.

WWE 2K20 launches on October 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.