A PlayStation 4 gamer is creating quite a stir amongst the PlayStation community after they stumbled upon what they assumed to be an upcoming December free PlayStation Plus title, as-yet-unannounced. However, the claim is already being called a hoax or a bug by a number of PS4 gamers who are unwilling to believe this game would be given away for free for the holiday. It's much more understandable why the issue is controversial given the game, which is 2018's breakaway hit God of War.

Redditor BubaManUK started the flurry of conversation after posting to Reddit that they'd discovered a "possible PS Plus contender for December 2019." In the body of the post, BubManUK links an image showing the standard edition of God of War on sale within the PlayStation storefront. The image features a small PS Plus icon as well as the word "Free" next to an irregular price of $99.99. "I added God of War to my basket ... and got this pop-up" is what BubManUK claims happened.

It's understandable why BubaManUK and others might be prone to believe this "leak" to be true. After all, what PS4 owner wouldn't want God of War as one of their free PS+ games for any month? And, in all fairness, December does seem to be a big month for PS+ seeing as it's the first month for so many players buying or being gifted a new PS4. Unfortunately, in the case, God of War on PS+ is perhaps a bit too good to be true.

As others in the Reddit thread have already noted, the PlayStation storefront is prone to errors regarding both pricing and the PS+ flag. These types of posts where a user sees a PS+ symbol next to a random game are not uncommon. There's also the little fact that God of War is part of Sony's big PS4 bundle for Black Friday and the holiday. It's not good business to give a game away for free that you just sold to new PS4 players. Finally, the price error shows clearly that the metadata for God of War's game profile is messed up on the PlayStation storefront. God of War's standard edition does not cost $99.99, and God of War almost certainly won't be one of December 2019's PS+ titles.

All things considered, while God of War is very unlikely to be one of December 2019's PS+ free game, that doesn't mean it won't be on the service eventually. God of War will be a perfect PS+ title to help build up excitement for another game or product's launch. It just will have to wait until after it's not quite as valuable as it remains right now. Perhaps it'll make more sense alongside the PS5's launch, or even better prior to God of War 2's launch. PlayStation fans will just have to be patient.

God of War is available now exclusively on PS4.