While Pokemon Sword and Shield may not include all of the Pokemon in the franchise, these highly anticipated new games are still finding interesting ways to include vintage Pokemon. Take, for instance, the Galar version of Weezing from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Now there’re hints that another Generation 1 Pokemon could be making an appearance when the games release next month.

The official Pokemon website is no stranger to dropping teases for fans to mull over, and just last month a supposed glitch led to the reveal of the Farfetch’d evolution Sirfetch’d, which the internet welcomed with countless Sirfetch’d memes. The glitch in question was attributed to “a mischievous wild Rotom that entered our servers, causing a temporary disruption to our website.”

It appears that Rotom isn’t the only Pokemon around, though, as fans have now discovered one of the original 150, Krabby, lurking about the site. On the Japanese website for Pokemon Sword and Shield, there is a special “Pokemon Secret Club” for people who’ve pre-ordered the games. For some reason, sprites of Krabby can be seen all over the Secret Club’s page, covering up all uses of the word “club.” There are even Shiny versions of the Generation 1 crustacean scattered about, though their appearances are both rare and random.

At this point, it’s too soon to say with any certainty what this means, but the obvious guess is that Game Freak is teasing a new version of either the Pokemon Krabby or its evolution Kingler for Pokemon Sword and Shield. That could come in the form of a Galar region variant, in the same vein as the aforementioned Weezing, or a brand new evolution after Kingler.

pokemon sword shield official website krabby tease

Then again, maybe not. Perhaps Krabby has nothing to do with what’s being teased, and it’s possible that Game Freak is simply teasing the return of Shiny Pokemon for Sword and Shield. The studio has been pretty mum on the subject so far, so it’s possible that seeing Shiny Krabbys on the games’ website is intended to hint at an imminent announcement of Shiny Pokemon for Sword and Shield.

Whatever is being teased, be it a new Krabby or Shiny Pokemon, it’s possible that it will be revealed later this week. Game Freak is hosting a 24-hour Pokemon Sword and Shield livestream set in the games’ Glimwood Tangle area, and the day-long showcase will start this Friday, October 4, at 6:00 AM Pacific.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be out on November 15 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Dexerto