As of this writing, Fortnite is still stuck somewhere inside a black hole. Fittingly, Epic Games has been in a total media blackout ever since “The End” of Season 10 swallowed up the entire game, leaving players in the dark as to what’s next while they wait for it to return. Fact is, though, Fortnite has long been susceptible to leaks, and that’s not stopping just because the game’s currently inaccessible.

Today has seen plenty of new information on the impending relaunch of the popular battle royale shooter coming from dataminers plumbing the depths of the game’s files. Not only have they provided the first gameplay footage of Fortnite Chapter 2, they have now given players what could very well be their first look at one of the biggest mysteries they’ve been eager to have uncovered: Fortnite’s new battle royale map.

This newest revelation comes from Twitter user/frequent Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi, with help from fellow dataminers ShiinaBR and Joshypiepiepie. Together, they shared a screenshot showing off the new map in almost its entirety (the image appears slightly cropped at the bottom). Originally, according to Lucas7yoshi, they believed it to be a fan concept, based on someone claiming as much, but now they’re “pretty damn sure” it’s the real deal.

And although players won’t know if that’s the case until Fortnite returns and Chapter 2 begins, it does look pretty legit. In addition to new (and previously leaked) locations like Beachy Bluffs, Dirty Docks, and Slurpy Swamp, the map will evidently also sport new versions of Pleasant Park and Retail Row. Moreover, it’s clear that this map comes with a greater emphasis on water, which makes sense given speedboats will be one of Fortnite Chapter 2’s new additions. From the looks of it, players will be able to drive their boats all over the map, thanks to multiple rivers cutting through the terrain, a large central lake, and even a large bay in the northwest corner.

fortnite chapter 2 map leak

All in all, it looks like a good mix of new and old designed to suit all tastes. It could definitely work as the stage for the next era of Fortnite. Now players just need to wait for Fortnite to come back, and according to Lucas7yoshi, Fortnite might return as soon as tomorrow.

Fortnite will eventually be playable again on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Lucas7yoshi/Twitter