With less than a week until BlizzCon 2019, the leaks keep pouring. Today's latest leak is yet again for the as-yet-unannounced sequel Diablo 4, apparently coming from the artbook that the first Diablo 4 leak stemmed from. Instead of an advertisement to buy the Diablo artbook, however, this leak claims to feature one of the artboook's actual pages. It's not just any page, either, as the leaked page appears to tease or confirm what could be one of Diablo 4's main villains.

The artbook page in question is for the notable figure in Diablo lore named Lilith. The page doesn't explicitly state Lilith's role in Diablo 4, but makes clear she's involved by referencing "Lilith's debut in Diablo 4." The article is accompanied by a piece of concept art of Lilith said to be for Diablo 4. The concept art was bounced between art director John Mueller and longtime Diablo contributor Gerald Broom, improving it iteratively in what Mueller describes as "plussing."

Lilith has only been featured a small bit in previous Diablo games, but she plays a much more significant role in Diablo lore as revealed in several Blizzard-published books. According to the artbook page, Lilith is the Mother of Sanctuary, which is the setting of the Diablo franchise. Lilith is said to have been languishing in the abyss for the franchise so far, but that she will return. "It shall be a great and terrible day for all."

Given how imposing Lilith appears in her concept art, it makes a lot of sense that she'd be a villain in Diablo 4. Her biography describing her terrible return only adds to that argument. With wings and horns like that, Lilith puts StarCraft's Queen of Blades to shame. That said, Diablo's bosses are traditionally very over the top. Lilith could very well just be one of many bosses or even just a notable NPC within the game.

lilith concept art diablo 4

For further information on Diablo 4, which is genuinely confirmed now that Blizzard has added a #Diablo4 hashtag to an Instagram post advertising this same artbook, fans will likely have to wait for BlizzCon 2019. While the game isn't 100% guaranteed for the event, it stands to reason that there'd be no better place to officially announce and reveal it to Blizzard's fans. Lilith's inclusion and her role in Diablo 4's story remains to be established.

Diablo 4 is as-yet-unannounced and has no release date or supported platforms.

Source: Instagram, MMO Champion