Death Stranding just launched for PlayStation 4, but some fans may already be looking ahead to the game's potential future. No one at Kojima Productions has announced that there may be Death Stranding DLC, but a new rumor making the rounds online has potentially leaked an expansion for the game.

Reddit user okdaydreamer, citing "a fairly credible img" has claimed that there will be Death Stranding DLC released in the summer of 2020 to coincide with the Death Stranding PC port. okdaydreamer has said that the expansion will be called September-1998, and that it will include a raid mode of some kind. Apparently the Death Stranding DLC expansion will be a paid expansion and it will continue the game's story from where the ending leaves off.

We have yet to complete Death Stranding, so we can't verify whether or not the game ends on a cliffhanger or not, as the supposed leaker claims. Needless to say, fans should take the information with a grain of salt. While legitimate video game leaks have come from Reddit and other forums over the years, it's always possible that the "leak" is fake, and fans should keep that in mind.

That being said, it would make sense for Death Stranding to have DLC. The game is one of the most-hyped video games of recent years, as it's Kojima's first post-Konami project, and it will more likely than not sell very well. It stands to reason that Kojima Productions would want to capitalize on Death Stranding's fan base by extending the adventure with DLC. Not to mention it would give the PC version of the game a little extra value at launch.

Then again, Death Stranding reviews have been somewhat mixed, indicating that the game may be much more divisive than someone would have thought. Reviewers seem split on whether or not Death Stranding is a masterpiece or if it's a bore. So it's safe to say some will be excited at the idea of Death Stranding DLC, whereas others may want to spend their time and money elsewhere.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4, with a PC release coming in the summer of 2020.

Source: Reddit