Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is taking the franchise in a new direction with the emphasis on realistic and genuinely modern warfare with the use of child soldiers. The campaign may be shaping up to be the most gruesome aspect, but the multiplayer is getting some changes as well, with a reliable leaker recently suggesting that there will be a major change in the game's prestige system.

Namely, it seems Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will no longer require players to unlock their items and weapons again after prestiging, with the developer also releasing new ranks every season. Once players have hit level 55, they will no longer be required to unlock weapons, with these weapons themselves becoming the core focus of the grind. Each season of the game will give players 100+ challenges to complete, with extra levels being available that get reset to 55 at each season's start, and when completed, they will reward players with ribbons.

It is said that each weapon has over 80+ weapon levels that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players can grind for, with this essentially replacing the old gameplay loop of Prestige Master. With this being the case, it'll be interesting to see how players respond, but overall, the system itself sounds like a major improvement. This should, in theory, keep players busy from season to season of the First-Person Shooter.

Now, it's worth mentioning that this information should be taken with a grain of salt, granted that it comes from a leaker and no official information released by Infinity Ward. The leaker, who goes by TheGamingRevolution, has reliably leaked true information in the past, but despite this, it's always best to assume the opposite.

Of course, with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releasing in a matter of weeks, it seems likely that Infinity Ward shows off this new system and either officially confirms or denies this. Given everything revealed so far about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, this would not be that surprising.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on October 25 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.