Michael Quinn, vice president of Rooster Teeth's product and engineering, was arrested this week on November 18 under allegations of domestic violence against his wife. The incident apparently took place on November 8th with the warrant for his arrest going out on the 13th.

Micheal Quinn worked for Rooster Teeth for nearly four years before this incident, but according to Kxan, the company fired him on the 24th following the charges. As of now, Quinn is out of jail on bond, and with an emergency protective order against him.

According to Quinn's wife, when she came home from work on the 8th, she found Quinn drunk and high after a night of partying. After demanding to know where she had been, Quinn punched her repeatedly in the head and stomach. While he had her crumpled on the ground, he leveled a gun at her head before deciding against it, claiming, "If I'm going to kill you, I'm going got use my hands." When Quinn's wife tried to flee the house, Quinn crushed her hand in the door, battered her on the head with a hole punch, and then strangled her unconscious. She woke up later to find him standing over her and laughing at the whole incident.

The situation spiraled further from there and, according to Quinn's wife, only ended when Quinn eventually grew tired and slumped away. Quinn's wife initially had doubts about contacting the police, fearing that Quinn would kill her and her daughter in retaliation. Of course, she later did, walking into the Westlake Police Department to report the incident. They called her an ambulance and deputies from Travis County then met her at the hospital to take down her statement. When speaking on the encounter, the deputies reported that she was covered in horrid bruises.

Apparently, this isn't the first incident of domestic violence between Quinn and his wife. In her affidavit, Quinn's wife stated that the abuse had been going on for years with varying levels of intensity, and this wasn't the first time she had been strangled.

She also claims that Quinn had control of her every move. He would allow her out of the house to go to work solely because every paycheck she made would go directly into his bank account. Situations like this are general commonalities in domestic violence cases, so paired along with her fear for her's and her daughter's safety, it's not unbelievable as to why Quinn's wife never reported any of this to the authorities sooner.

Source: GameRevolution