The next Rocket Pass DLC update for Rocket League got a trailer this week. The anime inspired teaser for Rocket Pass 5 introduces some new cars and gives a release date of December 4 for the pass and the Blueprint update. This update to Rocket League will come with new items and challenges for players in both free and paid versions of the Rocket Pass.

The trailer itself actually reveals very little information on the next Rocket Pass and the corresponding update to the game. However, Rocket League developers Psyonix shared more details on its website regarding Rocket Pass 5 and the Blueprint update.

Rocket Pass 5 will introduce the Chikara GTX as the Tier 70 reward for this season. Rocket Pass 5 will include 70 Tiers of new items like the  Holosphere Wheels and Metallograph Animated Decal as well as Weekly Challenges for both the free and premium versions of the pass.  As was the case in previous Rocket Passes, after Tier 7o Pro Tiers will unlock that will let players get even rarer skins and items. While Rocket Pass is largely staying the same, the Blueprint update is going to be a big one for Rocket League players.

The biggest change this update is bringing to the game is the elimination of loot boxes from Rocket League. Loot boxes are a controversial issue in games but Rocket League especially has a large youth audience, making them especially problematic in this context. Months ago, developer Psyonix promised that loot crates and keys were on the way out and would be replaced with a new system. The Blueprint update is the catalyst for this change; it will implement a system of blueprints and credits. It is important to note that players will keep all of the items they previously acquired through previous passes.

Instead of loot boxes, a new item store will be added that offers a rotation selection of cosmetic items for players' vehicles. New wheels, banners, and more customization options will be available for players to spend credits on. Credits are the new in-game currency and any keys players happen to have will be automatically exchanged for 100 credits. For context, this is about $1 in real-world US currency. Rocket Pass Premium goes for $9.99 or 1,000 credits. Like Battle Passes in Apex Legends and Fortnite, completing the Rocket Pass will earn players enough in-game credits to pay for next season's pass.

Rocket League is out now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Psyonix