After 10 long years of League of Legends, Riot has finally started branching out, albeit with spin-offs from its core franchise. At the company's 10 year anniversary celebration for its figurehead game, Riot unveiled a number of new games including a card game, fighting game, and plenty of teases.

One such tease may have been a future MMO staring characters and delving into the lore from League of Legends in a much more interactive way than previously available. While Riot never specifically confirmed that an MMO was in the works, the way Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent responded to a direct question about those prospects during a Q&A at the 10 year anniversary celebration has caused some speculation.

The exact quote to a question referencing the possibility of an MMO from Laurent reads as follows, "Do you really think that we have revealed everything?" While this isn't exactly a confirmation that the highly requested spin-off is in the works, it is far from a denial that the company has been working on such a project. It's the open nature of this comment that has sent fan speculation into overdrive, as the idea of giving players a more hands-on role with the extensive lore for the series is one of the most hotly anticipated directions that the League of Legends series can go, which as Riot has shown can be anywhere with mobile and console ports in production.

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All of this speculation comes after all of the announcements at the 10 year anniversary held in London. However, with more opportunities always available for game developers to make new and exciting reveals to the world like this weekend's EGX, which is also taking place in London, where Riot will be present to showcase Legends of Runeterra. So in the spirit of speculation, this event may be exactly the opportunity that the company is waiting for to make these new announcements.

With 10 years under the League of Legends belt, it's surprising that Riot hasn't branched out with new interpretations of their most successful IP, and one of the most successful PC games of all time. Depending on the success of Legends of Runeterra, as well as the currently unnamed fighting game dubbed Project L, it might be possible that this may be the start of a more expanded catalogue on par with Blizzard's and its very similar games including a card game, MOBA, and MMO. Maybe Riot's next projects should include apocalyptic looters and and a team-based shooter, just to round out the entire collection.

League of Legends is available now for PC with Console and Mobile versions expected to release in 2020.

Source: Game Pressure