Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, has announced that it is working on a new tactical first person shooter. Currently titled Project A, the game is completely new and not related to the League of Legends universe.

This comes out from a Twitch stream where Riot announced a new fighting game set in the League universe and more projects, indicating a big shift for the business model of the studio. The stream was a celebration for the 10 year anniversary of League of Legends, where Riot discussed the future of the game, the mobile ports, and updates. Riot also announced Legends of Runeterra, a collectible card game aiming to be more accessible than Hearthstone, and an animated League of Legends TV series called Arcane.

Riot showed some very early looking gameplay of its "character based tactical shooter" currently with the working title Project A. The FPS will learn from League and have distinct characters with unique abilities that will take place on a near-future Earth. The gameplay showed off the shooting and basic ability usage. It looked a bit like a mix of the unique hero ability based Overwatch and a slower, more tactically-paced game like Counter-Strike

According to Project A Executive Producer Anna Donlon the team at Riot is "in this for years and years to come. With Project A, we are staying true to the high consequence gameplay of tac shooters. But we want to evolve the space. We want a tac shooter with more creativity, more expression, and a lot more style."

Visually, the game has a long ways to go to live up to that promise of an expressive, creative shooter but Riot confirmed that the game will be in development for years to come. The tactical shooter is a genre that has largely been crowded out, and even the most traditional tac shooter on the market, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is pivoting to the battle royale genre. Rainbow Six Siege has amassed a following by modernizing and consistently adding fun, interesting new characters to the game.

Riot Games is a studio still in the middle of a PR crisis after a sexual harassment class action lawsuit was filed against the company. This followed reports of discrimination and harassment at the company that led to a walk-out in May. After the lawsuit settled, Riot announced a "First Steps Forward" initiative to address their company culture issues.

Source: PC Gamer