Everyone has their own way of working out: some prefer the gym, while others like to work out in the privacy of their own home. Luckily, companies have learned to gamify workouts, so the less social fitness-lovers can do so behind closed doors. While many find comfort in wearing expensive workout clothes, Reddit user Feoen likes to strip down to his bare essentials. However, his most recent blunder has left Redditors laughing and given fair warning about the birthday suit practices while using the Ring-Con.

Nintendo has been one of the original creators of fitness video games bringing additions like Wii Fit and more recently the Ring-Con for the Switch to help users get more active. With the Ring-Con, Nintendo quietly released the bizarre Ring Fit Adventure, a strange RPG that allows players to fight monsters all while getting a workout.

According to Feoen's Reddit post, he was home alone and mostly undressed because he didn't want to get his clothes sweaty. It had been a while since he had done a solid workout, so he decided to purchase the game and see what he thought. Aside from being impressed by how well the Joy-Cons could track his movement, Feoen could not be more regretful for his lack of wardrobe. While fighting his first boss the game required him to do an Ab Press.

You press the ring against your abs with your hands and it generates a shield in game. When the boss went to attack me, I tried to Ab Press. What I didn't realize was that my bare stomach was slick with sweat...

ring fit adventure turn based battle

From there, the Switch's Ring-Con slipped into his nethers and decompressed, clamping down on his family jewels. He writhed in pain, but to add insult to injury, the boss dealt him a walloping blow which resulted in his avatar losing over half it's health. After raging and finally composing himself, Feoen admits he took swift revenge out on the boss.

Apart from the gut-wrenching experience, Feoen speaks highly of the game and adds that it's a really great gaming workout. He added that apart from the unintentional pain, he did feel like it was useful for getting him back into shape. Feoen warned Reddit users to not repeat his mistakes and suggests wearing pants, or maybe even a cup, should users wish to only have muscle soreness.

Ring Fit Adventure is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit