Retro Studios had been working on a musical RPG with singing gameplay, it has been revealed. The company has since taken over as the new developer of Metroid Prime 4, but a new rumor reveals the Retro Studios game that almost was.

In a post on ResetERA, a user named WalkurtTXRanger has revealed the inside story on a cancelled Retro Studios project. Before being moved to Metroid Prime 4, the developer had allegedly spent three years working on "some kind of RPG involving singing as the main mechanic," says the user. Players would use the singing to affect the environment of the game. However, the team couldn't "never figure out where to go with it" and Nintendo, which was also "frustrated" with things chose to cancel the game and put Retro Studios onto the Metroid game.

While Nintendo rumors are often joked about because of the number of people who claim to have an uncle working at the company, WalkurtTXRanger claims to know this because they live near the developer. "I live in Austin, and know people from an animation studio who know the Retro people," explains WalkurtTXRanger, who also said that they "expect concept art to come out at some point." This often happens with cancelled games, with concept art previously revealing secret Star Wars games that fans didn't know existed too.

The game does sound like it could be an entertaining take on the musical game genre, which is mostly filled with music rhythm action games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. However, the ResetERA user says that it is unlikely that the game will be released. There is no "second game," writes the user, and Retro Studios is only working on Metroid Prime 4. Retro Studios has been hiring many new developers to work on the Metroid game and so it seems unlikely that the company would have the staff to work on the two games at once.

Few will mind that Retro Studios is putting all of its reimgs into Metroid Prime 4 and that the developer isn't just spending another three years trying to make something out of the music RPG idea. Metroid Prime 4 has been delayed for a while as it is and it didn't make an appearance at E3 2019. If Retro Studios is only working on one game then hopefully, that means fans will get the Metroid game sooner.

Source: ResetERA