A new playable character for the multiplayer Resident Evil game, Project Resistance, has leaked online. The newly leaked character brings the character roster up to six with the other five characters being shown in the first Project Resistance gameplay trailer.

The new Resident Evil Project Resistance character is named Annette Birkin, a character who was first shown in the series in Resident Evil 2. Fans spotted Annette's profile in the back of some Japanese marketing for the game, but a glitch in the Project Resistance beta offered more about the character. On Reddit, a user explains that their group was trying to synchronize their lobbies together and while leaving a lobby, one of them accidentally "glitched out" and saw a different loading screen for the game. In this loading screen, they were able to get a closer look at Annette's profile which calls her a "Mastermind."

Resident Evil Project Resistance characters

If the character of Annette is a Mastermind then this means that she will be one of Project Resistance's enemies and that four other players will be working together to bring her down. No details are available about Annette and her Mastermind skills, but some fans are speculating that her skills will be connected to her husband, William Birkin. In Resident Evil 2, William Birkin causes the Raccoon City destruction incident and ends up getting mutated himself after injecting himself with the G-Virus. Annette doesn't end up controlling her husband in that game but Capcom doesn't seem to mind rewriting canon to fit Resident Evil Project Resistance's gameplay.

Only one other Mastermind character has been confirmed by Capcom, and that's a man named Daniel Byron. With Annette Birkin, that brings the number of Masterminds up to two. It's unclear how many more Masterminds Capcom plans to offer in the full version of the Resident Evil game, but fans will be hoping that it's more than just a duo.

Six characters doesn't give players much variety and in a multiplayer game like Project Resistance, which is great for playing over and over again, the lack of variety with the playable characters could quickly turn into boredom. It also means that players won't have to try hard to come up with ideas for countering the Masterminds. Capcom hasn't confirmed the game's real name yet, or a release window or all of the game modes that will be available, so more playable characters could potentially be confirmed soon.

Source: Rely on Horror