The Resident Evil franchise is wrapping up an eventful year with a sale on Steam, but something else about the sale's Facebook announcement has fans wondering. While it may be nothing at all, it's also entirely possible that Capcom was alluding to the Resident Evil 3 remake that everyone is expecting, yet has so far not even been confirmed to be real.

Questions and rumors about a Resident Evil 3 remake have been making the rounds for some time now, aided by Capcom seemingly teasing its arrival on multiple occasions before this last hint. Yesterday, Capcom posted a simple message about the Resident Evil Steam sale along with a picture, and it's the picture that has people talking.

Capcom's tease came when the company posted an image from Resident Evil 3 to accompany its sale announcement - despite the fact that RE3 isn't even on Steam. That begs the question: why use an image from a Resident Evil game that's not part of the sale at all? There are plenty of others for Capcom to choose from that actually pertain to the sale being advertised...unless Capcom was sneakily trying to advertise more than just a Steam sale. Potentially, this post could have been Capcom's way of both publicizing its sale and teasing another upcoming release.

Resident Evil 3

Furthermore, Resident Evil 3 definitely isn't the most iconic and recognizable game in the series. If Capcom wanted to catch as many eyes as possible, it'd make more sense for it to post a picture from RE4 (generally considered the best of the bunch), RE5 and 6 (the best-selling of the bunch), or the RE2 remake and 7, since they're the most recent to releaseResident Evil 3, putting aside the fact that it's not even part of the sale, is none of those things, so using it to advertise just doesn't make much sense.

That said, this could also be nothing. It's possible that Capcom simply didn't put that much thought into its Black Friday post, chose any old Resident Evil image, and fans are just reading too much into it. Still, given the number of Resident Evil games in the franchise, what are the odds of an RE3 image being randomly selected?

If the rumors of Capcom following Project Resistance with a Resident Evil 3 remake are true, then it could be released relatively soon - perhaps even next year. Only time will tell.

Source: Facebook