New info on next-gen consoles has begun to appear as the age of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One draws toward its end. An industry insider has shared thoughts on what the successors to Sony and Microsoft's consoles are capable of, and the early insights appear to be leaning in favor to the PlayStation 5 over Project Scarlett in terms of sheer performance.

With Sony's PlayStation 4 reaching its sixth anniversary on store shelves last week and Microsoft's Xbox One coming close to the same milestone, the companies are making preparations to unveil the next generation of hardware, both of which are tentatively scheduled to launch in late 2020. Development kits for both the PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox have landed into the hands of various studios, and while final details on both machines are still up in the air until next year, insiders have already started to determine the capabilities of the systems as they exist today.

ResetEra forum member Kleegamefan, an anonymous user who has shared impressions on the PlayStation 5's capabilities before, said in a post Wednesday that the capabilities of Sony's current dev kit exceed those of Project Scarlett. "Right now, game performance is better on PS5. I believe that is probably because PS5 development hardware and software are in a more advanced state," the user said.

The post goes on to mention that even with lesser hardware in current dev kits for Project Scarlett, Microsoft's software know-how may allow the next Xbox to catch up with the PS5 devkit with future revisions. "I fully expect Scarlett to close that gap once they ship more mature dev kits and software. It must be said, since software, not hardware, is a traditional Microsoft area of expertise, it's very possible that they could ultimately deliver more advanced DirectX development software in the end, allowing games to run better on Scarlett even if the hardware is less capable."

Sony PS5

Microsoft making use of software to enhance the performance of Project Scarlett would match up with the company's history, with the initial release of the Xbox One having a less powerful GPU and RAM than the PS4 but comparable in-game performance, as well as later hardware revisions that would match up with and eventually outpace Sony's console. With backwards compatibility as an expressed goal for both systems, it makes sense that the design decisions would remain consistent for the PS5 and Scarlett alike.

Whether or not Kleegamefan's insights on the consoles' capabilities matches up with what will actually happen with the final release versions of the PS5 and the next Xbox remains to be seen, but with both the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett already having plans to support 8K rendering for games and dramatic increases in loading speed thanks to onboard solid state drives, it is safe to say that the future looks bright for forward-thinking fans.

Source: ResetEra