Nintendo of America ex-President Reggie Fils-Aime has been inducted into the The International Video Game Hall of Fame. Fils-Aime retired from Nintendo in April of this year, "handing off his controller" to Doug Bowser. As a 2019 inductee, he was awarded the Walter Day Lifetime Achievement Award for his role in leading Nintendo of America.

Fils-Aime was the face and voice that defined Nintendo of America for 15 years. To everyone, he was just Reggie. From memes like "my body is ready" to paying his heartfelt respects to former Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, Reggie created years of memorable moments for Nintendo fans and the gaming community at large.

The International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum is a video game preservation non-profit that's been in operation since 2010. Each year a nomination committee and the IVGHOF Board of directors pick a group of world-record holders, games, game developers, and industry leaders to induct into the Video Game Hall of Fame. Reggie sent in a short video that played in his absence at the induction ceremony held at the museum in Ottumwa, Iowa.

In the video, Reggie addresses the International Video Game Hall of Fame and says "to be honored in this way and to be associated with Walter [Day] himself and with past recipients of this award it really, truly is humbling. It's also wonderful to be recognized in a year when so much Nintendo content is being recognized. That makes it a special thrill for me."

In addition to Reggie's accomplishments being acknowledged, Super Mario 64 and Super Smash Bros. Melee were both included in the 2019 IVGHOF class. The blurbs cited influence, sales, and, in the case of Smash Bros, sustained relevance in fighting game tournaments.

In recent months, Reggie began teaching at Cornell. His official title is "Leader in Residence" and the website describes his role as teaching a disciplined approach to business using creative and non-lineary thinking. Fils-Aime graduated from Cornell University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science from the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

In addition to his academic role, Reggie Fils-Aime is also on the board of directors for the New York Videogame Critics Circle. A twitter exchange from earlier in the year between Fils-Aime and Geoff Keighley suggested that the "Regginator" will get some more time in the spotlight at this year's Game Awards in December.

Source: The International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum