A video of Red Dead Redemption 2 at maximum graphical settings has been made showing off a gorgeous winter wonderland from the highest peak in the game.

Rockstar Games only recently brought the title to PC on November 5th, 2019, where the game's true graphical potential could shine with the right hardware. While some gamers experienced a rocky PC launch, Rockstar has gone to great lengths to create a believable world within Red Dead Redemption 2 filled with impressive details that are highlighted in this video.

In this video, we see the player in the third person wearing cold weather clothes at the top of an unnamed peak in the North Ambarino region of the map, northwest of Colter (where the game actually begins). At the top of the peak, the player appears close to a large storm just in the distance, and the rumbling of thunder and flashes within the clouds capture the magnificence of those natural formations almost perfectly. Otherwise, it is a bright, sunshiny day that is captured by the snow glistening with the reflection of light. The player's breath is clearly visible and the realism of the snowy peak comes close to passing as actual footage.

The player then moves to another side of the peak to show a view of the land below where PC hardware continues to tout its advantages with scattered pine trees dotting the mountainside blanketed in untouched snow. As the player struggles to move through the snow, it sinks below their footsteps and moves aside as the pass into it to show where the player has gone. All the while, the familiar crunch of snow beneath boot can be heard to make the movements even more immersive. The varying levels of height along the mountain are captured with shadows and depth that seem to stretch for miles.

The video switches to the player inside a log cabin in the snowy mountains, drinking a tincture and heading off with his steed into a storm. The wind is made believable by specks of snow flying across the screen and the player's avatar hunched over to protect himself from the elements. As he rides down the mountainside, a pair of wolves, seemingly desperate and hungry for a meal, attack the rider but a quickly produced pump shotgun makes short work of the predatory beasts. The game has an entire hunting and tracking system dedicated to finding legendary animals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic western tale set in a fictional region of North America. It can be played in third or first person. It was originally released on consoles in October 26, 2018 and was eagerly awaited on PC thereafter.

Source: GTA Workshop/YouTube