With Red Dead Redemption 2 finally available on PC, players who are embarking on their western odyssey for the first time may be interested in making their time as Arthur Morgan a bit more expedite. Thankfully there’s a way.

In total there are 37 cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2 and this guide covers where to find them, how to enter them, and if players are eager to jump straight to it: every single cheat phrase and what each one does.

Where to Find Them

The tried and true way of finding cheat phrases in Red Dead Redemption 2 is by purchasing newspapers like the Hanover Gazette, the Blackwater Ledger, and the Saint Denis Times. Unsurprisingly, issues of these newspaper may be found in Red Dead's cities and regions reflected in their name. In other words, issues of the Saint Denis Times may only be found in Saint Denis and Rhodes while the New Hanover Gazette may be found in Annesburg and Valentine. Likewise, the Blackwater Ledger can be found in Strawberry and Blackwater.

red dead redemption 2 newspaper with cheat phrase

Once a newspaper issue has been purchased, all players have to do is open it and zoom in on the bottom right corner. More often than not, there will be a phrase like, “Greed is American virtue,” beneath a news article.

Certain newspaper issues will only become available after significant checkpoints in the story and a handful of cheats may not be used by Arthur Morgan depending on his progress. Having said that, it is highly recommended that players complete Red Dead Redemption 2's campaign before making full use of the cheats.

Note: Phrases found in newspapers may only be entered if Arthur has actually purchased the issue it originates from.

How to Enter Them

This part is very straight forward. All players have to do is go to the main menu and navigate to the settings tab. Xbox and PS4 players can hit “y” or triangle respectively to open the cheats menu. Red Dead's PC players can just click the word. From there, players can hit “y” or triangle or click on the words in the bottom right corner again, in order to “enter cheat.” While entering a cheat phrase, capitalization is not important, but punctuation is.

Cheat Phrases

“Abundance is the dullest desire” – Infinite ammunition. Available in the newspaper after completing Chapter 1

“A simple life, a beautiful death” – Basic Weapon Set

“Greed is American Virtue” – Heavy Weapons Set. Found in newspaper after completing the Chapter 3 quest: “Advertising, the New American Art”

“Death is silence” – Stealth Weapons Set

“History is written by fools” – Grants Arthur all collectible weapons from the Gunslinger side mission quests

“You long for sight and see nothing” – Reveals the entire map

“Greed is now a virtue” – Gives Arthur $500

“Vanity. All is vanity” – Unlocks all in-game outfits

“Eat of knowledge” – Unlocks all crafting recipes

“Share” – Unlocks all camp upgrades

“Virtue unearned is not virtue” – Gives Arthur maximum honor. Available in a newspaper after completing the Chapter 4 quest “Urban Pleasure”

“You revel in your disgrace, I see” – Gives Arthur minimum honor

“Balance. All is balance” – Gives Arthur neutral honor

“Be greedy only for foresight” – Infinite Dead Eye

“The lucky be strong evermore” – Infinite Stamina. Available in a newspaper after completing Chapter 5

“Guide me better” – Dead Eye Level 1

“Make me better” – Dead Eye Level 2

“I shall be better” – Dead Eye Level 3

“I still seek more” – Dead Eye Level 4

“I seek and I find” – Dead Eye Level 5

“Seek all the bounty of this place” – Grants a permanent increase to health, stamina and dead eye meters

“You flourish before you die” – Fills health, stamina, and dead eye meters

“You seek more than the world offers” – Fills meters and fortifies cores

“My kingdom is a horse” – Increases horse bonding level

“Better than my dog” – Grants player the ability to call their horse from any distance

“A fool on command” – Makes player intoxicated

“Run! Run! Run!” – Spawns a race horse

“You are a beast built for war” – Spawns a war horse. Available in a newspaper after completing the Epilogue

“Would you be happier as a clown? – Spawns a circus wagon. Also available in a newspaper after completing the Epilogue.

“You want more than you have” – Spawns a superior horse (Arabian)

“You want something new” – Spawns a random horse

“The best of the old ways” – Spawns a stagecoach

“Keep your dreams simple” – Spawns a wagon

“Keep your dreams light” – Spawns a horse-drawn buggy

“You want punishment” – Gives players a wanted level

“You want freedom” – Removes a player’s wanted level

“You want everyone to go away – Removes notoriety/bounties

That's all of them. Perhaps the only regret players may have when it comes to using RDR2 cheats (aside from blocking achievements) is that they won't get to use them against a horde of zombies.