The latest legendary bounty in Red Dead Redemption 2 is live now, and this time, players will have to face-off against the notorious Etta Doyle and her gang. Previously known as Madame La Perle, Doyle left her past life behind and is on the run for a number of train and stagecoach robberies along with her gang. Most of her robberies have targeted one Leviticus Cornwall, who’s looking to exact revenge on the notorious gang leader.

Cornwall wants her entrapped, and for this reason, he’s spreading rumors of high-value items due to travel through St Denis by rail; however, it will be down to the player to capture Doyle and her gang for Cornwall. “Cornwall has grown weary of his freight being targeted and has hatched a plan to ensnare Doyle – by spreading rumors of high value goods traveling by rail through St Denis,” adds Rockstar. “The goods, of course, are fake – and Cornwall means to spring an ambush. Wishing to distance himself and his company from the dirty work.”

Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter

However, players can’t just go in guns blazing because Doyle is wanted alive, which means players will have to use stealth in order to ensnare the gang of women. Details regarding Doyle’s appearance are scarce, but it’s known that she wears male clothing and uses a bandana to conceal her identity; however, she has a scar on her right cheek that she picked up during a knife fight. The scar on her cheek is the only way for players to make sure that it’s her. Experienced bounty hunters will use the nearest Bounty Board indicated on the map to accept Red Dead Online's latest legendary bounty. Those who are still not sure about how bounties work can check out Red Dead Redemption 2’s bounty primer.

In addition to the legendary bounty, all players who log in to Red Dead Online between now and November 11 will receive a free gift of RDO$100, a free Treasure Map, and four new emotes are also available for players to use: Applause, Gentle Wave, Thumbs Down, and Hush Your Mouth. All players at Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Rank 50 will receive the Gentle Wave emote as part of their membership. All of the latest stuff is up for grabs now, and players have the rest of the week to complete the bounty and earn rewards. This is a great chance to grab some free goodies, especially for those who missed the Halloween event in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC launch slated for November 5, and a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Rockstar Games