Pokemon's popularity seems to have never sagged after its initial release in the 1990s, and the same can be said for the popular trading card game. In fact, as the years go by, many Pokemon cards have increased in worth, rather than decreased.

One such Pokemon card is the legendary Pikachu Pokemon Illustrator card. This card is insanely rare and has sold for high prices in the past, but this time likely blows all the prior records out of the water.

The Pikachu Pokemon Illustrator card, for those not in the know, has been an extraordinarily rare card since its release. Initially launching in 1998, only an estimated 39 of the cards were ever made. They weren't sold, either; the Pikachu Pokemon Illustrator was awarded to winners of an illustration contest in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro. An English-language variant was never made.

Considering the rarity of the card, it's no wonder that it could sell for a lot. In fact, the Pikachu Illustrator card was valued at $50,000 a few years ago with an auction house. However, that can't even come close to what the card is worth now. The auction website Invaluable recently got ahold of the Pikachu Pokemon Illustrator card in mint condition, and placed it on sale. It ended up selling for a staggering $195,000 USD.

pikachu illustrator card mint

Old video games and card games often sell for considerable amounts at auction, but the Pokemon Illustrator stands above most of them at this price. For comparison, a mint-condition first edition set of Pokemon Cards sold for $107,000 earlier this year. The Pokemon Illustrator set a new record years ago as being the most expensive single Pokemon card to sell, but that was back when it earned just over $50,000. One has to imagine that this copy of it has broken all sorts of records that have been established since then.

Of course, not all rare Pokemon card sales end in happiness on the part of the buyer. One can only hope that if the buyer of this card isn't picking it up personally that the auction house places significant insurance on the shipment. A similarly rare Pokemon card was lost in the mail earlier this year, which would be quite the tragedy to happen to a Pokemon card as uncommon as this one.

Source: ComicBook