Rare, developer of Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Sea of Thieves, revealed a new IP during the opening ceremony for X019. The game's title is named Everwild and little to nothing has been confirmed about the game, as of yet. Rare announced the game with a beautiful trailer, showcasing a large wilderness environment with stylized painterly visuals. No release date or supported platforms were confirmed for the game, though both Xbox's consoles and PC  should be included.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the announcement worth mentioning is Rare's description of Everwild. Instead of calling Everwild a game, Rare describes it as "a brand new world." The implication being that Everwild will feature an open world of some sort. Another important detail is how the trailer showed multiple characters grouped together, perhaps implying that Everwild will be a multiplayer game. Don't be surprised to hear eventually that Everwild is some type of open-world multiplayer experience.

In addition to an open, explorable environment and multiple characters shown on-screen grouped together, the Everwild trailer also teased off some of the game's threats. A dark cave was shown with a growly creature, akin to a panther or a wolf with bony tusk-like protrusions from its mouth. Whether the creature is truly a threat, or just another part of the Everwild's impressive ecosystem remains to be seen. The creatures definitely stood out as much or more than Everwild's playable characters.

Expect Rare to share more information about Everwild over through the next year, as it seems to be quite a ways away from release.

While the announcement of a new Rare IP might worry fans of Sea of Thieves, Rare took the time to assure players that there's nothing to fret over. Rare, it was confirmed, is a multi-team development studio that's working on several different projects at the same time. Sea of Thieves and Everwild are going to be developed in tandem, so Sea of Thieves content updates shouldn't be slowing. In fact, they even announced Sea of Thieves' next big content update at X019, too, in The Seabound Soul.

Everwild has no confirmed release date or supported platforms as of yet.