WWE wrestler and multi-time World Champion Randy Orton recently appeared in a Twitch stream with streamer Brad Radke, where he was uncensored and answered basically any question that was put to him. There were some notable moments in the stream, including Orton praising the recent AEW Dynamite broadcast, and another where he seemed to accidentally use a racial slur.

In regards to the racial slur, there was a point while playing what seemed to be Call of Duty zombies where Orton appeared to say, "Bam, n****." Orton then seemed to realize what he said, cutting himself off by saying, "Oh!" Later in the broadcast, Orton joked that he may not have a job when he woke up the next day, so he realized the mistake he made. Some of those online that watched the stream claim that Orton was drinking during the broadcast and that it is unlikely he meant to use the slur.

As for the All Elite Wrestling praise, Orton said, "That AEW looked f****** cool, huh? Did you watch that show last night? Oh my god. I'll tell you what. It's that big match feel, the big show feel. Cody and Sammy Guevara, that kid can do some s***. I'd love to work with that kid. They had a great match. I thought opening the show with that match was a good idea and well received." Orton has a history with Cody Rhodes, having feuded and teamed with him numerous times back when Cody was still in WWE. They were even part of a stable together called Legacy at one point.

We will not be embedding the clips in question as they are both NSFW and contain harsh language. However, those that want to hear Orton praise AEW click here. For the racial slur clip, click here.

Orton publicly praising AEW is surprising, as that promotion is in direct competition with WWE, airing opposite NXT on Wednesday nights. AEW Dynamite trounced NXT in the ratings as well, which may make it an even sorer spot for Orton's employer. That being said, WWE did release a statement congratulating AEW on its first television broadcast, so maybe this rivalry will be friendlier than the one we saw in the 1990s between WCW and WWF.

If there will be any repercussions for Orton after the controversial statements he made on Twitch, they have yet to be revealed. WWE hasn't made any statement about the clips, and Orton himself has been away from social media since appearing in the Twitch stream. As of this writing, he's still expected to make an appearance on the big SmackDown debut show on Fox.

Source: CageSideSeats