With Halloween quickly approaching, Rainbow Six Siege is joining in on the seasonal fun with a Halloween event of its own.

In a new limited-time event titled Doktor's Curse, Rainbow Six Siege will look to build upon last year's Halloween-themed event, Mad House, and will throw players into a multiplayer hide-and-seek game mode pitting Exterminators against Monsters in a haunted house revamp of the Theme Park map. Much like last year's Quarantine event, players will have to take advantage of new weapons, set new traps, and face off against creeping threats.

During the Doktor's Curse event, the rules are simple: one team hides, while the other team hunts them down. In condensed high-stake rounds, Rainbow Six Siege will change the pace from the familiar tactical shooting gameplay and give Exterminators two minutes to chase after and eliminate Monsters using only a sledgehammer and tracking gadgets, while Monsters use traps to try and outsmart the Exterminators in a fight for survival.

Although this mode remains a 5v5 contest of attack and defend, Monsters won't be equipped with any weaponry. They will, however, have access to a new ability called Nightstride, which will make them invisible and speed up their movements for a short amount of time. Anyone who racks up 20 kills while playing the Doktor's Curse event will get an exclusive pack containing one of 28 different Halloween items, while anyone who makes it through 13 rounds victorious will get a second pack.

Keeping up with the spooky month of October, and as with all Rainbow Six Siege updates, the Halloween event will also feature new cosmetics for a select group of Operators. Doktor's Curse also delivers a 28-piece premium cosmetic line called the "Curse Collection" which will be comprised of a variety of Halloween skins, seven new headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, and universal charms. Logging in and completing in-game challenges will also provide players with complimentary items, while additional packs will cost 300 R6 Credits each. Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass holders will also receive a 10% discount.

Overall, it looks like a lot of work went into this year's event as Doktor's Curse looks to freshen up the gameplay for players and everyone in the Halloween spirit.

The Rainbow Six Siege Doktor's Curse event is now live on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and will run until November 6, 2019.

Source: GameSpot