PUBG Mobile, the mobile version of multiplayer shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds adds The Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon as a playable character. The announcement is part of an ongoing PUBG Mobile and The Walking Dead partnership which has also seen Daryl's motorbike added to the game.

In a post on Twitter, the PUBG Mobile team posted a new trailer for Daryl Dixon's arrival in the game. Viewers can watch the survival pro fist bump another character as they speed down a highway together on matching motorcycles. The duo then hop off their bikes and prepare for battle at the top of a grassy hill which would likely give them a great vantage point for taking down other teams of PUBG Mobile players below. The official Twitter page for The Walking Dead show also retweeted the trailer, saying that "crossbows are for champs."

Unfortunately for the PUBG Mobile team, the player response to the game's new character seem mixed. Many are glad to see that the company has managed to work with another major media brand, with PUBG Mobile also having a Resident Evil 2 event to celebrate the remake. That partnership added Mr X., the Tyrant, as an enemy to the game's Zombie: Survive Till Dawn mode. The Walking Dead has just celebrated its season 10 premiere and now is a great time to for fans to play as Daryl Dixon in PUBG Mobile as they enjoy the new content together.

Others though, don't feel that the PUBG Mobile developers have done a good job at creating Daryl in the game. It was unlikely that the game would make Norman Reedus look as good as he does in Death Stranding, but some feel that the developers could have done more. On Twitter, in a response to the new trailer, one PUBG fan wrote that Daryl's face looks "like it's been punched real hard." Another Twitter user said that "these promotions look so bad" and said that the game looks as though it's been made for just $50.

In a response to The Walking Dead's tweet about Daryl Dixon in PUBG Mobile, some PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players on PC and consoles say they'd like to know when the event will be added to their versions of the game too. "I wish pubg was more unified across platforms," wrote one Twitter user, as another said that "It’d be sick to play as Daryl Dixon on pc and consoles." PUBG is one of the highest earning mobile games and it has now made $1 billion meaning that the development team probably feels that it's more important to make these events for the mobile game. However, many do play the game on PC and consoles so it could potentially come to these versions too.

PUBG Mobile is available for Android and iOS devices.