For a demo of a game that never came to be, the Playable Teaser, or P.T. as many fans know it, remains incredibly popular. P.T. was originally intended to be a teaser demo for Silent Hills, a collaboration between Hideo Kojima, Konami, and the Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. Soon after, Konami and Kojima had their falling out and soon the demo was removed and development on the game canceled entirely. Fans continue to examine and even remake the experience much to Konami's chagrin.

The latest remake comes from Artur Laczkowski, someone who has created other Silent Hills/P.T. remakes in the past. This latest version, known as P.T. Emulation, is described by Artur as the most faithful and detailed rendition of the original official demo. This includes the ending sequence outside on the street and even the bathroom scene.

While fan reaction has generally been very positive, some are posting that the demo doesn't quite match one for one. In addition to a few bugs and visual glitches, some are reporting missing objects like the cockroaches or Lisa's animation from the balcony. Either way, there are some who are coming away from the experience saying that P.T. Emulation is the best of the P.T. fan remakes. Anyone interested in checking it out, especially on a holiday like Halloween, should move quick as Konami has been known to shut these fan projects down.

In addition to showing up in other games like Media Molecule's DREAMS, P.T. has recently been hacked by fans who discovered even more incredibly creepy details which most people may have missed. In particular, it was discovered that the ghost of Lisa, a specter that haunts the player throughout the demo, is actually hidden behind the camera and is the thing making all of the sounds and shadows. Not only that, cut content was found which would have expanded the creepy bathroom scene, making it even more disturbing than it already was.