Sony confirms that the PlayStation 5 will fix a major complaint from PS4 players. The company has also confirmed that the PS5 will be released in holiday 2020 and has told fans more information about the console's specs.

Speaking to Wired, the PS5's system architect Mark Cerny revealed that the PS5 will make it much easier for players to choose what they would like to play. While the PS5 will offer fast game loading, "we don't want the player to have to boot the game, see what's up, boot the game, see what's up," said Cerny. To fix this, "multiplayer game servers will provide the console with the set of joinable activities in real time" and single player servers will show players what missions are available to them and what rewards they could get. This information will be on the PS5's user interface and "as a player you just jump right into whatever you like."

ps4 and ps4 pro

The UI has been one of the biggest issues that players have had with the PS4. Sony has tried to fix this, as PS4 update 4.0 added folders and more options for the game library, but this hasn't done enough for all players. In much larger games or games that have many updates and events in a week, players may have difficulty remembering what they're doing in all of them and so will have to boot a game and see what's up as Cerny suggests.

The new events aren't the only changes being made to the PS5's UI. A rumor from May suggested that the PS5 UI may add game gifting, game stats, and players could pin games to their dashboards too which will also make it easier to start playing. Sony hasn't confirmed these rumors and fans likely won't get more information about the console's UI until next year, but many liked the idea.

The rumors and the official confirmations all suggest that Sony isn't just putting its reimgs into powerful specs and that small but popular updates such as UI changes are being seen as important too. Cerny has also said that the PS5 game installing system will allow players to choose which parts of a game that they install first and that the console can be used as a 4K Blu-ray player too. These changes aren't as exciting as the PS5's games, but the decision to create them could help Sony sell consoles.

Source: Wired