Only days after the latest official look at the upcoming PlayStation 5, gamers and tech aficionados have been flocking to forums to dig up every bit of information on the systems specs, hoping to gain insights on the performance for next-gen consoles. Among the official information comes leaks, datamines, and rumors that allege to offer some semblance of insight on the highly anticipated addition to the PlayStation lineage.

One such rumor has started a fervor of hype with a user by the name of Kleegamefan giving a first-hand account of a demo for a game that is being developed for the PlayStation 5. For the sake of transparency, it should be made perfectly clear that this is a single, alleged description from a mostly anonymous user, but it would seem that the rest of the users on the forum believe the initial report.

According to the post, the game that Kleegamefan saw the demo of was so visually stunning that it's difficult to put the quality of the graphics and physics engines to words, thanks to both the game's engine and the PlayStation 5's incredibly powerful SSD. From a number of replies, one of the most impressive feats of the game seems to have been the way that the game engine casts shadows, allegedly casting individual shadows from each leaf of a small bush, intricately expressing the movement of every branch and leaf as they swayed in the wind. This has led some commenters to speculate that these types of effects are achieved by ray-tracing, but if the claims from Kleegamefan can be believed, the effect is an incredible sight, almost unmistakable from watching live footage of foliage blowing in the breeze.

playstation 5 dev kit render

Kleegamefan also stresses in their posts that the demo they saw was unfinished and the astounding experience with the game is far from being the shipped project. For some players obsessed with framerates and resolutions, it may be disappointing to note that the game was running somewhere between 25-30 fps, although the resolution was reportedly 2160p and considering that this was an early demo, it is possible that the finished results will come closer to 60 fps in the future. Either way, Kleegamefan sums up  posts best by stating that it likely won't be the specs of the PlayStation 5 that will blow expectations, but the quality of the games that will capture audience attention as more information comes to light.

Starting from the first post about the demo in August, Kleegamefan has been slowly trying to better put to words the scope of the game, and from the words that have already been shared, it sounds incredible, and that's without getting into the undisclosed game reportedly being one of the largest open world games to date. All of this information sounds a little too good to be true, but it could easily mean that the next-generation of gaming is lining up to offer an even larger advancement in technology than the previous jump from PS3 to PS4 with all-new features following the advancing technology of the day.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to release during the 2020 holiday season.

Source: ResetEra