Sony recently confirmed that its next-generation would be called the PlayStation 5, and that it would be out in the holiday season of 2020. Based on Sony's history of PlayStation console launches, many have assumed that the PS5 will launch at some point in November 2020, but a new report indicates that it may actually release a little bit later than anticipated.

This report comes from TweakTown, which cites imgs that claim the PS5 is looking at a "firm" December 2020 release. The TweakTown report speculates that this is due to Sony needing more time to get the AMD chips it needs to produce enough PS5 consoles to meet demand. The report points out how Sony will have to compete with Xbox's Project Scarlett for the technology, not to mention AMD's own Ryzen CPUs.

It's possible that this report isn't completely accurate, or that plans may change for Sony. After all, it seems like it would make more sense for Sony to have the PS5 out by Black Friday 2020, so that it could take full advantage of the holiday shopping rush. Then again, something like the PS5 is going to be a hot commodity regardless, and it's quite likely that stock will run out no matter when Sony releases it.

If the PS5 release date is December 2020 as the report claims, it would be unprecedented for Sony's consoles. The PS3, PS4, and PS4 Pro all launched in November, with the PS1 and PS2 launching in Septmeber and October in the years of their release, respectively. Sony has always been sure to get its consoles out in time for the holiday shopping season, so to see it the PS5 release date pushed back to December would be surprising.

Unfortunately, we likely won't have a specific PS5 release date until E3 2020. Assuming Sony doesn't skip E3 2020 like it did E3 2019, it seems likely that the PS5 price, release date, and launch titles will all be showcased at the event. Alternatively, Sony may host its own special press conference to unveil its next-generation console. Regardless, fans shouldn't expect an exact PS5 release date to be revealed until much closer to the console's launch.

News on the PS5's launch titles, price, and release date will all come in 2020. In the meantime, fans should be sure to tune in to any PlayStation State of Play presentations just in case Sony decides to reveal any PS5 news early.

Source: TweakTown