A European retailer may have just leaked the PS5 price. There have been several rumors about the PS5's pricing as fans wonder just how much money they'll have to spend to get Sony's powerful new console when it releases in holiday 2020.

A Slovakian retailer named Progamingshop has the PS5 price listed as 499 Euros, or $557. The retailer doesn't allow shoppers to place PS5 pre-orders, like one other European retailer, but they can click the "I'm interested" button which allows them to provide their name, email address, and phone number so that Progamingshop can send them a message when pre-orders open.

The product page has the announced and confirmed PS5 features, such as its specs, backward compatibility, and a new controller. It also says that the PS5 release date will be December 4, 2020, which does go along with the confirmed holiday 2020 release date, but it seems unlikely that Sony would released the console so late in the holiday shopping season. The retailer is also using images of the PS5 devkit, which may not be what the console looks like when it's released. Progamingshop also says that "final product may be different" and that "information about this product is not final yet" could change.

Progamingshop may have heard this information from Sony and Sony may not have chosen the PS5 price yet, as there is around a year to go before the console is released. The retailer may just have put the product page together from analyst rumors and suggestions. Several analysts have said that the PS5 price could be $500, which only make it a bit more affordable than the European price given by Progamingshop. The retailer could just be guessing, just like many of those analysts, who say that the console will be powerful but won't be as expensive as the PS3 which cost $599.

The PS5 price is unlikely to be much higher than that and that's because of the PS3. Sony was heavily criticized for the PS3's pricing as many said it just wasn't affordable and this allowed the Xbox 360 to quickly get more sales than the other console. The PS5 may be made up of powerful hardware but making it so expensive could make the console fall behind again and make Sony have to really work to get sales. Nothing has been confirmed about the price but most would like it to be $500 and under.

Source: Progamingshop